We pursue human health and happiness through the development of innovative medical devices.

GLOBAL HEALTHCARE COMPANY happy and healthy living

With the dream of creating a healthier future for humanity, MIGA takes a new leap forward.

Founded in 1997, MIGA has maintained customer trust for 25 years based on the philosophy of "Human health is happiness.” We are proud that the driving force that allowed us to grow and evolve into the competitive medical device company that we are today was a humble attitude that always places people and life first.

Now, MIGA is expanding beyond Korea to the rest of the world, producing various medical aids and masks. We will take the lead in continuously discovering and distributing differentiated products so that we can contribute to improving the quality of public health, based on 20 years of accumulated technology and experience.

As the company expands, we will fulfill our social responsibilities and obligations in order to become a reputable organization that can contribute to the development of society.

CEO of MIGA Co., Ltd.